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Seminar: 2018 winter

No Ref Citation Speaker Date
1 AMKS17 Repairing event race error by controlling nondeterminism Ju-Hyeok Park 1.09
2 ZKLL13 ConAir: featherweight concurrency bug recovery via single-threaded idempotent execution Dong-Su Lee 1.09
3 YuNa09 A case for an interleaving constrained shared-memory multi-processor TSogbayar Jargalsaikhan 1.16
4 ZWLQ16 AI: a lightweight system for tolerating concurrency bugs Hyoung-Jin Baek 1.16
5 ZhWa14 Runtime prevention of concurrency related type-state violations in multithreaded applications Batgerel Tserennadmid 1.23
6 KLTU07 Healing data races on-the-fly Ji-Hoon Ok 1.23
7 - RTWorks Eu-Teum Choi 1.3
8 LHCB17 LD: Low-Overhead GPU Race Detection Without Access Monitoring Keon-Pyo Lee 1.3
9 WZLX16 ARROW: automated repair of races on client-side web pages Hyoung-Jin Baek 2.06
10 LiCL16 Understanding and generating high quality patches for concurrency bugs Ju-Hyeok Park 2.06
11 workshop 2.13
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