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Seminar: 2018 Repairing

No Ref Citation Speaker Date
1 WHMZ12 Studying on ARINC 653 partition run time scheduling and simulation TSogbayar Jargalsaikhan 11.15
2 동수18 An efficient health management system for on-the-fly repairing of atomicity violation in airborne software Batgerel Tserennadmid 11.15
3 ZWLQ16 A lightweight system for detecting and tolerating concurrency bugs Hyoung-Jin Baek 12.6
4 ABDG15 GPU Concurrency: Weak Behaviours and Programming Assumptions Keon-Pyo Lee 12.13
5 주혁18 An efficient technique for on-the-fly repairing of atomicity violation in pthread programs Batgerel Tserennadmid 12.13
6 THKJ11 A framework for on-the-fly race healing in ARINC-653 applications Tae-Hyung Kim 12.13
7 SrSc11 The case for software health management Tae-Hyung Kim 12.2
8 KLTU07 Healing data races on-the-fly Hyoung-Jin Baek 12.2
9 GMV10,Laas15 Demonstration and comparison ARINC 653 simulators (on SIMA and ARISS) TSogbayar Jargalsaikhan 12.27
10 EPPM17 BARRACUDA: Binary-level Analysis of Runtime RAces in CUDA programs Keon-Pyo Lee 12.27
11 Workshop 1.10
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