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Seminar: 2017 Spring

No Ref Citation Speaker Date
1 Eu-Teum Choi
2 LeDa10 Kivati: Fast Detection and Prevention of Atomicity Violations Ju-Hyeok Park
3 QTSZ05 Rx: Treating Bugs As Allergies— A Safe Method to Survive Software Failures Dong-Su Lee
4 ZRQA14 Gmrace: Detecting data races in gpu programs via a low-overhead scheme Keon-Pyo Lee
5 Eu-Teum Choi
6 VCFN11 Detecting and Surviving Data Races using Complementary Schedules Ju-Hyeok Park
7 LZLT16 Compiler-Directed Lightweight Checkpointing for Fine-Grained Guaranteed Soft Error Recovery Dong-Su Lee
8 LiLG14 parctical symbolic race checking of gpu programs Keon-Pyo Lee
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