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Seminar: 2014 Spring

No Ref Citation Speaker Date
1 PaJu04 Mi-Young Park and Yong-Kee Jun, "Detecting Unaffected Race Conditions in Message-Passing Programs" Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2004 Hyun-ji 5.30
2 ELCG12 L.Effinger-Dean, Hans-J.Boehm, "Interference-Free Regions for Dynamic Data-Race Detection", 2009. Se-Won 6.13
3 YuNa09 Jie Yu and S. Narayanasamy, "A Case for an Interleaving Constrained Shared-Memory Multi-Processor", in Proc. Of the 36th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2009. Bong-jun 6.13
4 옥명09 Ha, O., M.kang, and Y.Jun. "An Empirical Comparison and Analysis of Race Detection Tools for OpenMP Programs", journal of KIIT, 7(4):pp. 24-32, KIIT, August 2009 Chang-Min 6.20
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