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Seminar: 2014 Fall

No Ref Citation Speaker Date
1 Invite talk Ok-Kyoon Ha 10.02
2 소프트웨어공학 단기전문가강좌 - 모델 기반 소프트웨어 테스트 Se-Won Park 10.16
3 PaCh09 hyunji Park, M. Y., and S. H. Chung, "Detecting Race Conditions in One-Sided Communication of MPI Programs", 8th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS09), pp.867-872, IEEE Computer Society, China, June 2009. Hyun-Ji Kim 10.23
4 Nemi92 Robert H. B and Barton P.Miller “What are Race Conditions?” Computer Sciences Department Bong-Jun Paeng 10.30
5 CJSZ14 University of WisconsinMadison 1210 W. Dayton Street Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Se-Won Park 11.06
6 PSJP07 Mi-Young Park, Su Jeong Shim, Yong-Kee Jun, and Hyuk-Ro Park, "MPIRace-Check: Detection of Message Races in MPI Programs," Proc. of the 2st Int'l Conf. on Grid and Pervasive Computing (GPC), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4459: 322-333, Springer-Verlag, Paris, France, May 2007. Hyun-Ji Kim 11.13
7 ChLi10 Lee Chew and David Lie “Kivati: Fast Detection and Prevention of Atomicity Violations” Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Toronto Bong-Jun Paeng 11.20
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